Southern Utah matches children in our program with a professionally supported caring adult mentor who spends quality one on one time to help build self esteem, teach life skills, and build fun memories. Little Moments, Big Magic!

Contact: Kariann Atkin, Southern Utah Manager

Phone: (435) 986-9776



Girls on the Run Southern Utah is an after school character building program for girls 3rd - 5th grade. The girls follow a fun curriculum that teaches about self-esteem, healthy living, fighting back against society's focus on external beauty and rejecting peer pressure. The 10 week program gives girls the tools to speak out against negativity, and the most important trait, confidence, to succeed in a changing world. With confidence, the girls learn to take risks, find their voice, and radiate power.

Contact: Melissa Miller, Executive Director

Phone: (435) 703-0299



Reading For Life Southern Utah creates and provides resources for children in southern Utah who have dyslexia, as well as spreading awareness regarding Dyslexia in our southern Utah community. One out of every five children has dyslexia and they require specialized reading instruction to learn to read and spell. We have facilitated the training of several certified tutors and are currently establishing a scholarship fund for dyslexic children in our community to obtain tutoring. We also provide information and resources for parents and educators. We are the only non-profit organization that addresses this issue in southern Utah.

Contact: Angela MacKay

Phone: 435-429-0936



The mission of the SUPIC is to advocate for, and empower through programs and referrals that promote health, youth development, education and ethnic and cultural preservation:


  • Education/scholarships.


  • Promotion of youth development.


  • Extended-family health care.


  • Ethnic & cultural preservation.


Contact: Kanani Nau

Location: 136 N 100 E

Phone: 435-275-4030



The Southwest Utah Public Health Foundation supports the 80+ programs run by the local health department, which has a mission to protect the health of the community through the promotion of wellness and prevention of disease. The Foundation is an official charity for the St. George Marathon and has been allocated a certain number of marathon entries. Runners who were not selected through the lottery can donate funds to the Foundation and be eligible to receive a guaranteed entry in to the 2020 St. George Marathon. 

Contact: Jeff Shumway

Location: 620 South 400 East

Phone: 435-986-2585



Tan’s Treats is dedicated to serving the needs of at-risk and food-insecure children . By providing resources for our youth and helping them to have all the necessities they need for proper development, Tan's Treats helps to strengthen their future and set up our communities up for long term success.
Each year thousands of children in the United States get out of school for the weekend and return home to a less than adequate supply of food. Their needs during the week are being met with school breakfast and lunch but they are left to go hungry over the weekend. As an organization, Tan's Treats coordinates food efforts together with their schools to get them guaranteed weekend meals. Science has proven that children who are hungry have a much harder time performing well in school and Tan's Treats believes every student deserves a fair chance at succeeding and that no child should go hungry.

Contact: Zach Holt

Location: 1478 S 270 E #4a

Phone: (435) 627-3163