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2019 was the 43rd anniversary of the St. George Marathon, held each year during the first weekend in October. To celebrate this historic anniversary, a thorough review of the marathon results throughout the years was done. As a result of this review, it was determined which performances elevated former participants to a "Legend" status. Fifty men and fifty women were selected, which based on their efforts during the marathon, clearly separated themselves as legends of the St. George Marathon.

Introducing St. George Marathon Historian
Mike Schramm was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, but moved to Southern Utah at age 10, where his love of Utah's Dixie began. He currently lives part time in St. George and also in Las Vegas. His involvement and passion in running began in 1994 in an effort to stay physically fit. Mike has run 27 marathons with 11 of those run in St. George to date, including a personal record time ran in 2000 of 2:39:13 finishing 14th overall. His strong interest in statistics, history, and running led him to develop the marathon legend list. He is married to a marathon runner, Erica, and he has two daughters, Stefani and Sydni.