Cancellation Policy

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Online Registration will be available here, April 1st. If you are unable to register online, we will e-mail an entry form to you. Consistent with the marathon running industry-standard all entry fees are NON-refundable.


It is the primary goal of the St. George Marathon to ensure a safe event for all involved. We will not expose participants or the community as a whole to undue risk as a result of staging our event. There may be times when we feel it is unsafe to continue with the race. While we recognize the aspirations and commitment of those that have entered the race we will make decisions about the race based on the safety of our as a whole. Furthermore, if the community resources are threatened we will act to protect them from unnecessary stress.

Specifically, when weather or other physical conditions present a danger to participants as a whole, we will maintain the right to cancel the race. Less threatening conditions could result in an alteration of the course or race length to promote a more safe result for the participants. These conditions will be recognized as “an act of God” and will not result in the refunding of race entry fees or future race credits. The staging of a race of this magnitude results in substantial expense prior to the actual race itself. Thus, in the event of a forced cancellation of the event, it is very likely that the financial impact on the race would not be any different than if the race was held without compromise.

Severe thunderstorms with the threat of lightning or severe heat that are forecasted to continue throughout the day of the event may result in cancellation of the event for all participants.

In the event that a cancellation or alteration will take place, St. George Marathon will advise participants through various traditional and non-traditional media channels on a timely basis.

There will be NO REFUNDS for cancellations on any part. This policy will take IMMEDIATE effect upon the completion of your registration.


However, this year we will offer transfers and deferrals with a $6.00 processing fee to change (Change Fee).  Below is our schedule with deadlines. To be clear, St George Marathon understands that unforeseen circumstances can arise and DOES allow the opportunity to officially transfer bib numbers until September 1st/15th each year. It’s an added service the organization is proud to offer, as most large races follow the industry standard of “no transfers, no refunds, and no exceptions.”


Transfers:  September 1st 

If you choose to transfer your entry to another person, you are responsible for arranging payment for the entry with the person you are transferring it to. To transfer distances, the distance you wish to transfer to must not be sold out. You can upgrade or downgrade prior to September 1 (while spots remain). You will be required to pay the current cost difference. In addition, you will pay a $6.00 USD change fee. If necessary, you can transfer between events and to another person at the same time. Use the deferment process to transfer to next year's event.

IMPORTANT:  This is the ONLY authorized way to transfer your entry to another person. Bib numbers are NON-transferable. The selling and/or giving away of a St. George Marathon bib number is not allowed and will result in disqualification of both the original bib owner and the runner using the bib number. Both runners will be prohibited from participating in the St. George Marathon for a minimum of two years. 

To transfer your entry, log into your Participant account. Once logged in, select the ‘Transfer Request’ button on the dashboard screen and follow the prompts. The participant that is receiving the transfer MUST finish their registration by the September 1st deadline to be entered into the race.

Deferrals: September 15th

Deferring allows you to receive a credit that you can apply to next year's event. Credit will be given for the amount paid minus the change fee ($6). When you defer, you will receive an email with a code and a link that you will use to redeem your credit. You are not automatically entered for next year's event. You will need to register for next year's event using the link provided when registration opens. Your deferment credit may only be used once and will expire within two years.

October 7th, 2023

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October 4th, 2025



How to Switch, Transfer, or Defer Marathon Registration